WFTHN is always looking to commission and publish new blogs on any aspect of women’s film and television history. We have a focus on the UK and Ireland, but we are open to women’s film and television history across the globe.

Our blogs tend to be 500-800s words. They can outline an area of current research, report on a particular finding for dissemination or raise a question or query for the research community.

The following is a list of suggestions and is, by no means, intended to be prescriptive:

  • Updates on current research or reports on findings
  • Tangential areas of research and ‘curios’
  • Observations and responses to media reports, in the light of your own studies
  • Responses to previous blogs in respect of a research issue or area of study
  • Reports from conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops
  • Reports and reflections on creative projects and practice
  • Experiences of working within the film and/or television industries
  • Revisiting a historical event or figure to reinvigorate interest/revise perspectives