Guidelines for Writing a Blog

What is WFTHN looking for?

We suggest between 500 and 800 words, but we are happy to work with longer.  They can outline an area of current research, report on a particular finding for dissemination or raise a question or query for the research community.

The following is a list of suggestions and is, by no means, intended to be prescriptive:

  • Updates on current research or reports on findings
  • Tangential areas of research and ‘curios’
  • Observations and responses to media reports, in the light of your own studies
  • Responses to previous blogs in respect of a research issue or area of study
  • Reports from conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops
  • Reports and reflections on creative projects and practice
  • Experiences of working within the film and/or television industries
  • Revisiting a historical event or figure to reinvigorate interest/revise perspectives

WFTHN is interested in both historical and contemporary research on women in film and television. 

Style Notes

  • It is a blog for the academic and creative communities
  • An immediate and accessible style is welcome, with no need for exhaustive referencing
  • Please provide URLs so we can hyperlink to relevant sites
  • Please provide up to 3 of your own images (with attribution and copyright cleared) or links to images on websites
  • Please include a short blurb about you, your research and institutional/industrial affiliation (50 words)

For further information and any enquiries, please contact Angela Martin:

General advice on blogging is available here: