100 Years of Women at the BBC

Mary Malcolm

Critical Studies in Television Workshop: 100 Years of Women at the BBC

Friday 7 May 2021 1pm – 5.30pm (BST), Online

Co-sponsored by Critical Studies in Television and Edge Hill University Institute for Social Responsibility

This event has passed and can be viewed in full in the below YouTube video.

In 2022, one hundred years will have passed since the formation of the British Broadcasting Company, later to become the pioneering public service broadcaster best known as the BBC.

This workshop will explore one specific aspect of the BBC’s history: its relationship with women.

Characterised from early in its life as ‘Auntie’, the BBC itself has been gendered female in the cultural consciousness. But this belies an historically male-dominated institution in which women have often had to fight for their rights to be heard. Recent controversies around equal pay, misogynistic abuse towards BBC personalities and a lack of female representation at the top of the corporation suggest that the institution has far to go in matters of gender equality.

The workshop will present fresh and innovative work-in-progress research on women at the BBC. Our presentations will explore the careers of some pioneering female workers at the BBC. The workshop aims to shed fresh light on influential figures such as Grace Wyndham Goldie and Jill Craigie; to draw attention to careers that are often overlooked – such as gramophone operators or production designers; to re-examine forgotten on-screen personalities; and to consider women’s contributions to prestigious BBC strands such as Play for Today.  We will also think about the tools we use to explore women’s television history, with a panel that focuses on the pros and cons of using interviews as a research method for historical studies.

Registration for the event is free. Please visit the event website: ISR Public Event: 7th May 2021

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