WFTHN Members Win Prestigious BAFTSS Awards

WFTHN congratulate our members Mary Harrod, Katarzyna Paszkiewicz, Melanie Bell and Isabel Seguí on their well-deserved success at the BAFTSS 2019 awards.  The full list of awards and comments can be found here.   According to Mary, their collection Women Do Genre in Film and Television was born at the Doing Women's Film and Television … Continue reading WFTHN Members Win Prestigious BAFTSS Awards

My Love Affair with Foley

My Love Affair with Foley: Preparing for Dusty Horne’s Sound and Fury, A New Play by Natasha Pring Dusty Horne's Sound and Fury is a new play for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, about a fictional female Foley artist in the 1960s. Actor-creator Natasha Pring writes about making the show, her inspiration, preparing and training for the … Continue reading My Love Affair with Foley