Losing Ground?

Restorations, Re-Releases and Erasure by Sophie Mayer In a comprehensive survey of the current situation for women’s film exhibition and distribution, Sophie Mayer, the author of Political Animals (2014), questions whether the lessons of history are truly being learned. We live in exciting times. In February 2016, Anthology Film Archives premiered a 35 mm preservation … Continue reading Losing Ground?

CfP: Female Authorship in Contemporary Documentary Media

Female Authorship in Contemporary Documentary Media. In conjunction with women’s increasing claim to equal societal rights and vocalisation on a global scale, women have also taken centre stage in the documentation of contemporary issues. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon per se; in terms of culture and scholarship women have been seeking to … Continue reading CfP: Female Authorship in Contemporary Documentary Media

Vĕra Chytilová 1929 – 2014

at the Southbank NFT 1-17 March 2015 and soon, perhaps, a cinema near you by Angela Martin There are 13 of Chytilová's 29 films as director in the NFT season, mounted a year after her death. For those of us who, hitherto, have only known Daisies /Sedmikrásky (1966), this is something of a cornucopia some 40 years … Continue reading Vĕra Chytilová 1929 – 2014

Women Behind the Camera

Women Behind the Camera: Filmmaking in the Middle East By Elhum Shakerifar The topic of women behind the camera is becoming well-trodden ground, and so the opportunity to discuss the work of three up and coming filmmakers at this year’s Nour festival was an opportunity to challenge the narrative. In the lovely setting of the Electric’s … Continue reading Women Behind the Camera

Off the Cutting Room Floor

Off the Cutting Room Floor: Hollywood Editor Barbara ‘Bobbie’ McLean by J.E. Smyth Film historians are gradually coming to terms with the substantial number of women involved in the Hollywood film industry during the twentieth century, yet recent research focuses on directors, actresses, and screenwriters from the silent era. Few realise how many of the … Continue reading Off the Cutting Room Floor