Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman By Rona Murray The two-year retrospective of Chantal Akerman's films, curated by Joanna Hogg and Adam Roberts under the title A Nos Amours, had its last screening on Friday 30th October at the Regent Street Cinema, of No Home Movie (2015). Following Akerman's recent tragic death, there was still a palpable sense of shock, … Continue reading Chantal Akerman

Introducing WFTHN Resources

Providing a Gateway to Key Resources and Artefacts through the WFTHN website by Rona Murray Following on from Natalie and Hannah's piece as the new Social Media Team, it's the turn of WFTHN Resources to come into the blog spotlight. See here if you're not already familiar with our Resources pages which provide information about all … Continue reading Introducing WFTHN Resources

Carried Away … Again

Conference Review of ‘Sex and the City 10 Years On: Landmark Television and its Legacy’ by Janet McCabe There I was sitting in Newark Airport. Flicking through the latest InStyle for the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. I glanced up and there she was: SJP in all her sartorial glory—on CNN at the launch of … Continue reading Carried Away … Again

Sally Potter at BIFF 2014

On the filmmaker, her BIFF Fellowship and book Naked Cinema by Rona Murray Sally Potter’s body of work outstrips most of those of many other British directors. In being involved in her retrospective at Bradford International Film Festival 2014, this is necessarily a personal view. However, as her fascinating talk which accompanied the conferment of … Continue reading Sally Potter at BIFF 2014