‘Hauntings in the Archive’: London Feminist Film Festival 2017

  In this two-part blog, we have three viewpoints on the recent London Feminist Film Festival. For the WFTHN network, Selina Robertson and Ania Ostrowska and, separately, Elaine Burrows share their impressions of a session which raised key questions about politics in the feminist archive. This week, Ania and Elaine respond to the European premiere … Continue reading ‘Hauntings in the Archive’: London Feminist Film Festival 2017

Important LFFF news!

The London Feminist Film Festival has announced that there will be no festival this year as they plan for the future of the festival, including sourcing funding. The LFFF will, however, organise a number of one-off screenings throughout the year "...so you can still get your fix of fantastic feminist films and inspiring discussion!" LFFF says: … Continue reading Important LFFF news!

London Feminist Film Festival 2012

“We want to celebrate women creatives whilst ensuring that this feminist ethos also extends to the films we show. The festival will be a celebration of feminist films past and present. Our aim is to inspire discussion about feminism and film, to support women directors, and to get feminist films seen by a wider audience”. Festival Director, Anna … Continue reading London Feminist Film Festival 2012