From the Margins towards the Centre

From the Margins towards the Centre: Women in 1970s and 1980s Hollywood: Part 1 – General Trends by Peter Krämer This blog is based on a paper I presented at the second WFTHN international conference, “Doing Women’s Film and TV History”, in April this year. The paper used a range of quantitative indicators and a … Continue reading From the Margins towards the Centre

From Vietnam to Video

From Vietnam to Video: Notes on Jane Fonda’s Films  and Activism, 1970-1982 by Peter Krämer At the beginning of 1970, Jane Fonda, who had recently turned 32, received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for the Depression-era drama They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, one of the 20 highest grossing films of 1969 in … Continue reading From Vietnam to Video