Vĕra Chytilová 1929 – 2014

at the Southbank NFT 1-17 March 2015 and soon, perhaps, a cinema near you by Angela Martin There are 13 of Chytilová's 29 films as director in the NFT season, mounted a year after her death. For those of us who, hitherto, have only known Daisies /Sedmikrásky (1966), this is something of a cornucopia some 40 years … Continue reading Vĕra Chytilová 1929 – 2014

Continuity Girl

Insights into an area of film labour overwhelmingly occupied by women by Melanie Williams Continuity Supervisor is one of those vital but somewhat mysterious jobs in film production, akin to the likes of key grip, foley artist or best boy, although thanks to the bloopers section on IMDb and various TV programmes gleefully pointing out continuity errors, there is at least … Continue reading Continuity Girl

Kay Mander: Documentary Filmmaker and ‘Continuity Girl’ (1915-2013)

Recognising the extensive career of a documentary filmmaker who just happened to be a woman by Sarah Easen One of the many women working in the documentary sector in the 1940s and 1950s, Kay Mander, like most of her female contemporaries, has been little more than a footnote in documentary film histories despite her prolific contribution to the … Continue reading Kay Mander: Documentary Filmmaker and ‘Continuity Girl’ (1915-2013)