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Monday 18th – Friday 22nd June 2012
Performing New Media, 1895-1915: 12th International Domitor Conference, University of Brighton
The largest Domitor conference to date, it will examine the relationship between performance and turn-of-the-century media technologies, such as the magic lantern, the phonograph, and motion pictures. There will also be a number of panels unrelated to the main theme, a first for a Domitor conference. Evening events may include a screening of films from the “Brighton School,” and a magic lantern show.
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Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd June 2012
Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption, Kingston University, London
‘Women in Magazines’ is a 2-day conference organised by the Centre for the Historical Record (Kingston University), the Centre for American, the Society for the History of Women in the Americas (SHAW), the Centre for American, Transatlantic and Caribbean History (Brunel University), the Women’s History Network and the Women’s Library.
The conference features a panel on ‘Icons of celebrity in the mid C20th’, which will include a paper on ‘Celebrity and the Civil Rights Movement: The Case of Lena Horne’ by Angela Winand.
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Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June 2012
Film and Media 2012: The Second Annual London Film and Media Conference, The Institute of Education, University of London
FILM AND MEDIA 2012 will explore, celebrate and critique the many dimensions of the screen-based communication traditions of Film, TV and Digital Media.
This is once again an ‘open agenda’ event built around the research interests of the constituency. By way of illustration, in 2011 some 165 Papers were presented under the following Panel headings:
African Identities / Architectural Space in Film and TV / Black Film and TV: American and British Perpsectives / Censorship and Media Ethics / Cinema from Hong Kong and Taiwan / Cinematic Bodies in Global Space and Digital Times / Crime Fictions / Experimental Media / Feminism and Post-Feminism / Film and TV Documentary / Film and TV Families / Film and TV Landscapes / The Film Text / French Cinema / Indian and British-Asian Film and TV / Intercultural Media / Israeli and Palestinian Cinemas / Japanese Film and Media / The Life and Death of Current Affairs TV / Masculinities / Media Audiences / Media Design / Media in the Philippines / Media Ontologies / Media Theory / Mediating Health / National Identity / New Forms of Production / Postmodern Film and Media /The Public Interest / Queerdom / Questions of Authorship and Genre / Race, Social Class and Gender / Representations of History / Representing Religion / Science and Ecology / Social Media / Social Representation / Stardom and Celebrity / Turkish Cinema / TV and Regional Identity / TV Histories.
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