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Thursday 1st November 2012
LOUDER NOW! FEMINISM ON FILM presents… Greenham Granny (1986) at the
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, Thursday 1st November, 7pm.
In 1929 Nell Logan took part in a youth peace conference in Moscow. More than 50 years later she was among the women fighting against Cruise missiles at Greenham Common. GREENHAM GRANNY is a film portrait of Nell Logan, which shows her Greenham activities in the context of a life-long struggle by interweaving scenes from Nell’s life in the mid-80s with archive material reflecting her past and half a century of history.
Guest Speaker: Professor Sasha Roseneil (Birkbeck University).
Professor Roseneil has carried out research on the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp and on its feminist and queer politics, which was published as Disarming Patriarchy: Feminism and Political Action at Greenham (Open University Press, 1995) and Common Women, Uncommon Practices: The Queer Feminisms of Greenham (Cassell/ Continuum, 2000). She also has met and interviewed Nell Logan!
LOUDER NOW! is brought to the Star and Shadow with support from The Gender Research Group at Newcastle University.
All LOUDER NOW! events are free to attend (although £1 membership to the Star and Shadow is required).
For more information see the Star and Shadow website.

Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th November 2012
The British Monarchy on Screen, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, Senate House, London.
The programme covers representations of monarchy from the ‘Tudorbethan’ period to the present day with papers on the films Queen Elizabeth (1912) and The Queen (2006) and the TV series The Tudors (2007-2010). Plenary lectures will be delivered by Elisabeth Bronfen (University of Zurich) on “Queen Elizabeth I – First Diva” and by Prof. Andrew Higson (University of York) on “Contemporary ‘British’ Cinema and the Nation’s Monarchs”. Early and documentary film features in presentations about the Barker/Samuelson productionSixty Years a Queen (1913) and the filming of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, and a panel on the ‘popular uses of royal representation’ will cover a range of topics from amateur cinema to outdoor and public screenings, royal weddings and the media. Highlights include Glyn Davis (University of Edinburgh) in conversation with director Sally Potter on “Queering the Queen: Quentin Crisp as Elizabeth I”, and Erica Carter (King’s College) in conversation with Sydney Samuelson (editor, cinematographer, founder of the Samuelson Film Service, Britain’s first Film Commissioner) on “Documenting the Royal Family: The Colonial Film Unit”.
The conference is convened by the University of London Screen Studies Group, the Institute of English Studies, the department of Media Arts and the Centre for International Theatre and Performance Research at Royal Holloway, University of London.
See the conference programme.
For more information visit the conference website.

Saturday 24th November 2012
Celebrity Couples Conference: an interdisciplinary conference exploring the cultural politics of celebrity coupledom and relationships. University of Southampton.
This conference seeks to explore the phenomenon of the celebrity power couple: those relationships where two stars come together and where their individual identities as celebrities become inseparable from their status as a famous couple. With the prominence of one-name couples (Brangelina, TomKat) and famous families (Will Smith / Jada Pinkett Smith and kids), it is becoming increasingly clear that celebrity is no longer an individual pursuit (if it ever was). When combining forces through agents and managers, these couples can straddle different celebrity spheres (David and Victoria Beckham). Also, in the neoliberal, postfeminist present, these (in)famous relationships are often bound up in cultural and legal politics of kinship (Ellen Degeneres and Portia deRossi’s wedding in the midst of debates about gay marriage laws, and famous politicians like the Clintons). The overriding questions of this conference are therefore: How do celebrities use relationships to further their fame / power? And how does celebrity culture engage with / reflect / influence the culture and politics of kinship?
View the conference programme.
Find out more on conference website.

Thursday 29th November – Sunday 2nd December 2012
London Feminist Film Festival, Hackney Picturehouse, London.
The first edition of the London Feminist Film Festival, which was established to address underrepresentation of women in the film industry and feminist issues onscreen, will be hosted at the Hackney Picturehouse from 29th November- 2nd December 2012.
The Festival aims to showcase the work of women directors from any country who deal with feminist issues or representations in their films and it will celebrate a range of contemporary and classic work accompanied by panel discussions featuring directors of the films, academics, critics, and women’s rights activists. Films screened will include six feature length films and 10 short films, from 14 different countries, including five UK premieres and one European premiere.
The festival will kick off with the UK premiere of Lesbiana – A Parallel Revolution,  an amazing documentary about the lesbian writers, philosophers, and activists who were key players in creating a revolutionary sisterhood in the 1980s. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and an opening night party ( details tba). Other highlights of the festival include a 30th anniversary screening of the 1982 feminist classic A Question of Silence by Marleen Gorris, and a screening of Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 about the award-winning writer and activist’s time in Germany. There will also be a selection of short films shown alongside feature length films or in two special shorts sessions, Herstories and Fighting Back!
An important and integral part of the festival will be the post-film panel discussions, which will give festival-goers a chance to discuss the films, the feminist issues raised by the films, and wider issues of women’s representation behind and in front of the camera. Writer, critic, and LFFF matron Bidisha will be chairing all of the panel discussions.
View the festival programme.
Tickets go on sale on 2 November 2012 from the LFFF website and from the Hackney Picturehouse website.

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