The Secret Thoughts of Laura Jesson (as Voiced by Celia Johnson) 

by Catherine Grant

This video compiles all of Celia Johnson’s voiceover utterances from BRIEF ENCOUNTER. It is a work of film-studies creative critical research that entailed much “material thinking” through the procedures of digitally collecting, handling and arranging the original film’s sequences. It is the third in a series of audiovisual film studies of Lean’s 1945 film, and the central role in it played by Celia Johnson’s character. The earlier videos in the series can be seen online here:; and here:

The first draft of this video was screened at our event, Breaking the Sound Barrier.

Breaking the Sound Barrier was a one-day event on Saturday 18th June 2016 organised by the Women’s Film and TV History Network-UK/Ireland, in collaboration with BFI Southbank and supported by MeCCSA Women’s Media Studies Network. See more information about the event here.

See more information about this video here.