Polly Platt: The Invisible Woman plus three more great podcasts on women and film

If you’re not already a fan of the brilliant podcast You Must Remember This, you soon will be. Since 2014, host and creator Karina Longworth has been delving into ‘the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century.’ This has frequently included histories of women in the industry, with seasons dedicated to actors, such as the excellent Six Degrees of Joan Crawford, Dead Blondes, on Hollywood’s most tragic blonde icons, and the fascinating Jean and Jane, about the parallel lives and careers of Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda. Last year, Longworth released a spin-off series, the first installment of which was Make Me Over, about Hollywood’s intersections with the beauty industry, which featured episodes on the weigh-loss guru Madame SylviaEsther Williams and the birth of waterproof mascara; and the 1983 Miss America pageant and ‘mysogynoir.’ 

Longworth’s much anticipated latest series explores the work of Polly Platt (1939-2011), a long-overlooked figure in New Hollywood history who worked on many successful films throughout the 80s and 90s. Most people know her as the wife Peter Bogdanovich left for Cybil Shepard during the making of The Last Picture Show (1971). Drawing on her unpublished memoirs as well as interviews and archives, Longworth sheds light on Platt’s fascinating life and career. 

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1. Any Ladle’s Sweet That Dishes Out Some

Any Ladle’s Sweet… is the wonderfully titled podcast put together by Dublin -based Megan McGurk and Danielle Smith about women in early and golden era Hollywood, including screenwriters and designers as well as actors and directors. With twenty or so hour-long episodes produced between 2015-2017, there’s plenty to dig into. 

2. Sass Mouth Dames

Why not also check out McGurk’s other podcast, Sass Mouth Dames, which celebrates woman’s pictures from 1929-1959, with episodes on favourite as well as forgotten films from the genre. You can also read her blog where she writes in detail on many of the films.

3. Who Is She?

If you subscribe to the Bechdel Test Fest newsletter (if you don’t, you should!), you’ll be familiar with their Who Is She? podcast, launched last year, that looks at the legacy of extraordinary women in film. Check out the show on Soundcloud and find episodes on Josephine Drecker, Regina Hall and Joanna Hogg.

If you’re looking for more podcasts on contemporary women filmmakers, check out Melissa Silverstein‘s Women and Hollywood pod, or Herstory of Hollywood Podcast by The Other 50%