Statement from MeCCSA regarding U.K. USS Pension Dispute

For WFTHN members, please see below a statement from MeCCSA regarding the USS pension dispute between UCU and UUK.

As an association representing the interest of university students, teachers, and researchers in our field, we wish to express our strong support for those of our members currently taking strike action in opposition to proposed changes in their pension arrangements. The health and diversity of our field are already unduly dependent on the goodwill and commitment of many people in unacceptably precarious employment conditions.  To diminish their pension rights further would be to the detriment of both staff and students in this field as in others. The threat to pension arrangements is thus a direct hazard to the academic vitality and vigour of the field we represent, and in the interests of all our members we oppose the projected changes and support the continued opposition to them.​

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