CFP: New Histories of Women in the Entertainment Industries: Peter Lang Academic Publishing

This is a call for book proposals, either monographs or edited collections, on women’s labour in the entertainment industries from 1960 on. The desired manuscript length is 250-300 pages. The series conceptualises ‘entertainment industries’ broadly, and is inclusive of film, television, support industries, gaming, streaming platforms, digital content, etc. Similarly, although the series title singles out women and women-identified workers, projects that focus on trans and non-binary labor histories are very welcome.
> Please be aware that the scope of the series does not include histories of labourers who work(ed) in front of the screen, nor does it include histories whose primarily chronology is pre-1960.
> Please contact series editor, Dr. Alicia Kozma with questions and/or for proposal guidelines.  See also flyer below: