Call for Contributions: Encyclopaedia of Gender, Media and Communication

Encyclopaedia of Gender, Media and Communication


A small team of us are working with Wiley Blackwell to develop the first ever Encyclopaedia of Gender, Media and Communication which constitutes the latest project in the ICA series of Sub-disciplinary Encyclopaedias of Communication. We hope you agree that this will be an exciting and important contribution to the field. While there are several handbooks and edited collections which focus on many of the gendered aspects of media, culture and communication, an encyclopaedia which maps the broader landscape is currently missing: our project intends to remedy that lack. The project is obviously ambitious and we will not be able to please everyone or include everything, but we have identified around 250 potential index entries and would be pleased if you would take a look and see if there is a topic about which you would like to write. We are keen that the encyclopaedia is as inclusive and broad-based as possible and we are therefore seeking a mix of established and less experienced contributors, from all parts of the global research community.

The topic list is not exhaustive and if you think there is a significant omission about which you like to write, then please let us know your suggestion. You will also see that there are a few entries where we are actively seeking suggestions for entries on specific people (eg filmmakers and political leaders), particular films and media representations in particular regions – all indicated on the attached list in *green font*. As an editorial team, with our various experiences of researching and writing on aspects of the gender-media relationship, we are mindful of issues such as intersectionality, fluid sexual identities and stereotypes. You will see that in the list, we continue to use certain terms (eg women, men, disability, age, race, LGBTQ, trans) in order to mark out the parameters for the topics to be discussed and in this way, hope to make the /Encyclopaedia/ a useful and useable resource. Where appropriate, we encourage you to develop a critical approach to the use of these labels in the entries which (we hope!) you will write. The /Encyclopaedia/ is focused on gender (albeit itself a rather contested category) so all contributions must engage with this central theme, either privileging one ‘identity’ category or else adopting a comparative or intersectional approach.

If you are interested in accessing the headword list, please click here <>.

If the broad ambitions of the project sound appealing, please read on.

*Timescale* – we expect the three-volume /Encyclopaedia/ to be published in 2019 so working backwards, we would expect to receive first drafts of entries in autumn 2018 for shorter entries and spring 2019 for longer ones.

*Style* – an encyclopaedic entry is a *summary* of the research on a particular topic and is thus more a literature review than an opportunity to talk about an original piece of research although you can obviously do this in a modest way.

*Length *– entries will be of different lengths, ranging from long overview essays of around 10,000 words down to smaller entries of around 2000 words. We have identified a suggested length for each entry in the topic list but if you would like to write more or less, then please suggest an alternative length.

*Payment* – contributors will be paid in books and online access to the /Encyclopaedia/ for a specified length of time, currently 24 months from publication and for as long thereafter as you are prepared to provide updates: for long essays (10,000 words) = $350 worth of Wiley-Blackwell books; mid-length essays (4,000 – 8,000 words) = $250; short essays (2,000 – 4,000 words) = $150; and very short essays (1,500 – 2,000 words) = $100.

*Next steps* – if you are interested in writing an entry, please provide: 1) a <200-word synopsis of what you intend to cover, key authors, themes, etc. and   2) a <150-word biographical statement to include current affiliation and your job title.  We anticipate that a number of topics will attract multiple expressions of interest and in such cases, we will make decisions taking account of the overall balance of contributors in order to have the most diverse group of scholars. If that happens, we may suggest an alternative but related topic to you.

*Deadline* – please send your synopsis and biog by 29^th May 2017, to the Associate Editor identified with the sub-section of the /Encyclopaedia/ in which you potential topic appears. We will aim to get back to you by 1^st August 2017.

Thanks very much for getting to the end of this email and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

The Editorial Team//Encyclopaedia for Gender, Culture and Communication/

Karen Ross (Editor)

Ingrid Bachmann (Associate Editor)

Valentina Cardo (Associate Editor)

Sujata Moorti (Associate Editor)

Marco Scarcelli (Associate Editor)