Important LFFF news!

London Feminist Film Festival

The London Feminist Film Festival has announced that there will be no festival this year as they plan for the future of the festival, including sourcing funding. The LFFF will, however, organise a number of one-off screenings throughout the year “…so you can still get your fix of fantastic feminist films and inspiring discussion!”

LFFF says: “Sign up to our newsletter by emailing, and ‘like’ us on Facebook, for news of these one-off screenings. We hope to see lots of you at the screenings throughout the year!”

Bastards“The first screening we have planned is a partnership with Birds Eye View at their festival next month. Bastards is a moving documentary by Deborah Perkin, the inspiring story of an illiterate woman who took on tradition, her own family, and Moroccan law to secure a future for her illegitimate child. This is an important film that needs to be seen. We will be having a panel discussion straight after the film, with the director Deborah Perkin, Zibi Mir Hosseini (legal anthropology specialist and co-director with Kim Longinotto of Divorce Iranian Style), Olivia Lichenstein (BAFTA Award winning documentary filmmaker), and Fatima Mourad (Chair And Trustee of Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Refuge). The screening is at Hackney Picturehouse at 6.30pm on 9 April. Tickets are now on sale so snap yours up quick!”


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