Stars in the Aisles

Space at the University of Portsmouth, 14-26 March 2014

They were the women who lit the way to a world of dreams. Glamorous, welcoming, stylishly attired – the usherette was once an integral part of the cinema experience. Immortalised as a symbol of fantasy and desire, they are fondly remembered for adding an extra touch of magic to “going to the pictures.”Stars in the Aisles email invite

This March, the University of Portsmouth pays homage to the cinema usherette. Drawing from the research and personal collections of Eva Balogh, Senior Lecturer in the School of Art and Design, Stars in the Aisles presents a wealth of photographic, filmic and documentary material. Examining the usherette’s heyday in the 1930s and 1940s and following her changing role through the 1950s and 1960s, the exhibition is both an interactive visual experience and revealing chronicle of a neglected area of film history.

Photographs, videos, interviews and written documents will offer insight into the lives and experiences of usherettes in Portsmouth, shining a spotlight on the unsung stars of the city’s picture palaces. Collect a torch and enter our private viewing booth. Here you will discover more about the “secret” history of the usherette. Take a look at the videos and uniforms on display and immerse yourself in a little of that old-style Hollywood glitz and glamour.

An original and engaging showcase of staff research, Stars in the Aisles will appeal to anyone interested in local and national cinema history.

Visit the exhibition website for more info

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